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About this project

This project aims to create a near realtime map of ACTIVE Wires-X nodes so that you can travel and always find a node to get into.
Started on May 25,2016 by Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF. Have feedback? Just email him at: eric [@] goforthtech.com or join him on WIRES-X.

Where can you find updates?

I will attempt to keep this FAQ updated; but for more realtime updates and to get notified 'As I work'; follow me on Twitter. twitter.com/EricJGoforth OR monitor the 'Audio News' in the FUSIONLIVE room. I announce everything as I do it on both Twitter and in the FUSIONLIVE room.

Can I join a Room or talk with the developer?

Sure! My Node is N6GOF-ND or I am usually hanging out in the FUSIONLIVE room. Jump in anytime! My node will allow connections even if I am in a room, so feel free to point to point or go the FUSIONLIVE room.

Where is the data coming from?

This data is being polled from the 'Active Node' list provided by Yeasu. Please note the keyword 'Active'. We are not polling from the 'full' list of registered nodes; just the Active nodes. To appear on the active node list your node must:

  • Not have your node set as 'Confidential'
  • Have 'Position Data' turned on
  • Have been active on the network in the past 20 Minutes (approximately).

    I have a Fusion Repeater, but it isn't showing up on this map.

    This is a map of Wires-X enabled nodes and repeaters. If you just have a Fusion repeater; but it is not joined to Wires-X then it won't appear on this list. There are couple of sources we could use to identify Fusion repeaters that are not participating in Wires. I am evaluating some of those and will report on when / if we decide to implement some of those.

    My node / repeater isn't appearing on this map.

    This happens for one of TWO reasons:

  • Your node isn't appearing on the Yeasu active node list at all: - If it isn't on their list; it won't be on this map. This is because you have your node ID set to 'Confidential'. Change the setting in: Settings / Wires ID Information / Confidential ID.
  • The node isn't reporting it's location to Yeasu. - You have your Position Data turned off. Without a location; we can't plot your location. To change this setting: Settings / Location Settings / Check the box that says 'Show Position Data'. Note: The default setting for this is to be OFF when your HRI-200 is brand new, or has been recently reset.

    If the node just connected or updated its Latitude / Longitude Location: - Give Yeasu / LiveFusion up to 30 minutes to report.

    I have my node connected to a repeater, but the map shows the location of my node radio.

    You should update your latitude and longitude in your node Settings to reflect where the REPEATER is at; not your node. To adjust: Settings / Location Settings / Manually enter the Latitude & Longitude of your Repeater site.

    My node is appearing and I prefer that it does not.

    Go into your node settings and turn of your Position Data. To do this: File / Settings / Location Settings / Uncheck the box that says: 'Show Position Data'. Even when you turn this off; Yeasu will report the City & State of your node. If you prefer to not appear on the active node list at all; then you can set your ID as confidential. To do this: Settings / Wires ID Information / Check the box that says 'Confidential ID'.

    My node is on the map; but it is showing in the completely wrong location.

    Your Latitude / Longitude for your node is wrong. Go to Settings / Location Settings and double check the Latitude / Longitude.

    What are the next plans?

    There are many but ideally:

  • Get the 'Fancy' Factor in place. I know; this site is so plain right now! Anyone want to help me with overall design? Just reach out!
  • Create the ability to integrate rooms viewing. I'm thinking a live 'link' / heatmap / something.. Rooms are very different from nodes so... We will see.
  • Integrate Station tracking.. Would be great to see the operators themselves.
  • Statistics! Simplex vs. Repeaters; Uptimes; etc.. We will see what we can gleen from the data.

    What about rooms?

  • Rooms are a secondary mission currently. However; here is a COOL list courtesy of KF5WAY: http://fusion.kf5way.com/. Rooms have no Geographic profile; so integrating a 'Cloud' service into a map... Gotta think that one through.